Isokinetics Ball Chair – Improved Wheels, Increased Intensity

Let me tell you two reasons why I bought Isokinetics ball chair to replace my Gaiam’s original balance ball chair in my office.

isokinetic exercise ball chairs colors

#1 – With adjustable both height and back support I managed to push more intensity out of it.

#2 – Wheels. Isokinetics ball chair opts for bigger wheels that enables you to move around the office with ease.

I had Gaiam’s original for about two months. The pain in the lower back disappeared instantly when on a balance ball chair but I still had a bit of problems with sitting on a normal chair.

And admittedly, you can’t avoid sitting on a normal chair – either you’re in the restaurant, in the library, on the meetings – you will have to sit on that chair and eventually the pain will start coming back.

Strengthening Your Core One Balance Ball Chair at a Time

I’ve learned a lesson from my lovely wife Hellen who grew up with back pain, and learned how to elevate it with balance ball chairs.

She can sit for hours on end on a regular chair when we’re visiting friends and family. Eventually I wanted to know how she, who had so much disadvantages that contributed to her back pain from birth, does it.

I think she knew I’m ‘growing out’ of my Gaiam’s original chair and she made that plain.

“The next phase is increasing the intensity,” I remember her saying.

Isokinetics ball chair back support. Its very soft and back-friendly.

As you may know, I’m a very avid as far as sports go and have recently run a full marathon but back then (about 2 years ago) I was kind of hesitant to just let go the back support and slave away at having my core tightened for hours on end.

So, I found a great solution. I screened all the yoga ball chairs available, looking for one who still had back support but could give me more intensity.

When I found one – the Isokinetics ball chair – I was really glad about all the adjustments I can make with it. The bigger wheels were a nice addition as well. I didn’t have problems with the Gaiam’s original but if you really want to be active and rolling from one desk to the other and to the board to write something down, it is money well spent.

What ultimately convinced me (and I’m glad that it did – I wouldn’t be running marathons if I weren’t actively improving myself) was the reviews by people who actually bought the chair. Here’s one for an example.

isokinetics ball chair review

When reading, something just clicked in me and I knew I wanted Isokinetics ball chair.

Having first-hand experience with it, here is my Isokinetics ball chair review in full.

Isokinetics Ball Chair Review

isokinetic exercise ball chair review
Isokinetics is for active people who like to move in the office

Isokinetics has developed a balance ball chair that is perfect for active people in the office.

There are probably the ones who already rolled in their yoga balls but found out that nobody can really sit on it for 8 hours straight. Usually more athletic than not, people who move a lot around the office will love Isokinetics ball chair.

It is not only that you can increase or decrease the intensity by adjusting the back support. It’s all about the wheels.

If you have a carpet in our office, the ordinary office chairs are usually very awkward on it. The bigger wheels of Isokinetics ball chair gives you the ability to just roll from one desk to the other; from the telephone to the computer and back again.

It is a very active chair. You are supposed to tighten your muscles while sitting on it and still keep this stability while moving around. That’s the real challenge I experienced with it and loved it. It’s like a dance of stability of my core with the dynamics of me just rolling around the office without every needing to stand up.

Intensity of Isokinetic Ball Chair

isokinetic ball chair intensity
Isokinetics ball chair intensity is between -0.1 and 0.3

For me, the intensity is the most important thing. I remember my wife Hellen telling me to always increase the intensity of balance ball chair steadily.

Jump up too much and your abs and lower back will be sore, jump up too little and not at all and you’ll have problem sitting on regular chairs.

This is precisely why I choose Isokinetics ball chair as my 2nd exercise ball chair, after the original’s Gaiams one.

Isokinetics ball chair has 4 different leg settings and 4 different back support settings. This is perfect when you don’t know exactly how much you should increase the intensity.

I played with the settings a bit, trying a different combination, and found out that I can turn the intensity on quite a bit (I noted 0.3 in my intensity chart). However, if you want to feel a

However, if you want to feel a bit more relaxed when the clock is after 4 pm, you can just add a bit of back support and experience -0.1 intensity.

It’s great because you can work your back all the time and when you want to let you hair down, so to speak, you can just do it in 2 seconds by adjusting the back support.

Features of Isokinetics Ball Chair

Ok, its down to numbers. Before I became a self-acclaimed expert these numbers were jibberish to me so I’ll try to explain it a bit. The important thing to remember about Isokinetics ball chair are wheels and flexibility.

  • Bigger wheels (2.5″): This is the big one – no other balance ball chair has these big wheels. The industry standard is 2″. How does the difference feel? Moving around is as easy as pie.
  • 4 leg height positions: This is very important to accommodate all heights. It doesn’t matter if you’re 4 feet 6 or 6 feet 10. Just adjust the leg height position and you’ll ease into the chair.
  • 4 back support positions: This is the feature I love – its how you can get adjust intensity. Want more intensive chair? Lower the back support. Want to let your hairs down because your shift ends in half an hour? Rise the back support and relax.
  • Colors!: Usually balance ball chairs are black, yoga ball and all. Isokinetics let’s just choose the color and if you buy it on Amazon they even deliver it to you FOR FREE.
  • Ball Size: 52-55 cm: There is no reinventing the yoga ball. Isokinetics has a nice non-latex material that is durable and they make the yoga balls that go into Isokinetics ball chair out of it. The size depends a bit on how much you fill it with air (as a bonus they give you the ball tape with every purchase – quite useful)
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • 1 Year Warranty: I never had any problems with my Isokinetics chair but Isokinetics gives you 1-year warranty on all their products which is quite nice. If anything goes wrong, you don’t have to worry about it much.

This is a demonstration how the adjustable back support works.

Design of Isokinetics Ball Chair

isokinetic ball chair bigger wheels
Bigger wheels on Isokinetics ball chair

I always imagined all Google employees with be pysched with this chair. The liberty to choose the ball color is quite useful, and if you work in a lively office it can just add to the whole environment.

I have to say I quite like the minimalistic design of Isokinetics ball chair but I like the Gaiam’s version more. Based on design, I would recommend it for people who work in more chilled environments. For a strictly business ones, I would rather opt for original Gaiam’s chair but that’s just me.

My personal experience with Isokinetics Ball Chair

Before I bought one for myself, I always considered myself the lucky guy who got his first chair (original Gaiam’s) perfect. It was only after I bought Isokinetics chair that I started to realize there are some major differenced between balance ball chairs.

The sheer flexibility on this one amazed me. I could start in the morning working hard and working my muscles hard, and after a while I just switched the back support setting and chilled in the afternoon.

What I really love about it that it turned me into an active person. With the large wheels you just want to move around the office and do more things as one. I was stable all the time but I was active all the times, it’s quite incredible.